I'm Erin, designer & brand stylist. (Sounds fancy, huh?)

Growing up, my parents always joked that there wasn’t a single piece of paper in the house that I hadn’t doodled on. I was obsessed with writing and I drew on EVERYTHING. My favorite was, of course, my name. I would write it over and over and over…and over.

Was I practicing to become famous? Nope.

I just really loved that no two signatures ever looked exactly the same. And I loved that if I studied someone else’s handwriting, I could mimic their style and pick up new ways to “design” letters. Considering that I also had a general love for art and a good eye for color, it was no surprise to anyone that I fell in love with the graphic arts.

I studied business and graphic design at the University of Wyoming, graduated in 2012, and moved myself back to the Midwest mostly because I just really love cheese.

Kidding, family is everything.

Fast forward a few years and I'm mom to a beautiful, spunky little girl and a blue-eyed Border Collie who has an irrational fear of windshield wipers. Together, we make quite the team. My hobbies include daydreaming about Wrigley Field, traveling to my favorite spot on Marco Island, geeking out at Eric Church concerts, and spontaneous trips to HomeGoods. Oh, and now that I have a toddler, I also enjoy quiet time ;)

If you're starting a business, considering a re-brand or simply need some fresh marketing materials, let's find a coffee shop and book a time to chat!

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