I’m Erin.

Growing up, my parents joked that there wasn’t a single piece of paper in the house I hadn’t doodled on. I was obsessed with writing my name and would fill page after page with cursive and small illustrations. It was no surprise to anyone that I loved my high school design courses.

At 18, I traveled out west to study Business and Design at the University of Wyoming; and while I loved the mountains and the starry skies, I’m a Midwest girl at heart. I moved home and have spent the last six years working in a trendy downtown on the Wisconsin-Illinois border.

I'm mom to a spunky little girl and a Border Collie who has an irrational fear of windshield wipers. I love rearranging furniture, drinking beer at Wrigley Field, sunbathing, Eric Church concerts and iced coffee. And because I have a toddler who loves the sound of her own voice, I also really enjoy quiet time ;)

If you're starting a business, rebranding, or simply need to freshen up your look, let's find a coffee shop and get to know each other.

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