Hey there!

I'm Erin, owner & designer.

You know those people that say really cliché things like, "I've loved art since I was old enough to hold a crayon"? Yep, that's me.

As a child, it was common that my parents would find entire notebooks filled with my name written a thousand different ways and doodles in every corner. To this day, I love playing with the shapes that make up letters and trying different "styles" of writing.

(A calligraphy class is next on my bucket list.)

I have always had a need to "fix" things, whether by rearranging the furniture in my house until it finally fits my mood for the day, or subconsciously critiquing every logo and every billboard and every spread I see in a magazine. It's exhausting, really.

Painting, drawing, photography, decorating.... you name it, I love it. But my "artsy" side never had a real direction until I took my first graphic arts class in 10th grade. I learned that design was the perfect outlet for me because it let the two halves of my brain work together. I carried that unique blend of left & right brain thinking into my college years, where I opted to study business and design.

What many people don't realize is that branding is so much more than a logo. It's the process of understanding why a business was formed, what makes it stand out from the rest, and then crafting a brand that encompasses all of those identifiers. A brand should have a personality. I absolutely love to hear the stories behind new ventures, which is why I've dedicated my career(s) to working with entrepreneurs and people who solve problems and make things happen.

I'm mom to a beautiful, spunky little girl and a blue-eyed Border Collie who fears windshield wipers, and we make quite the team. I love baseball, traveling, live music, and spontaneous trips to HomeGoods.

If you're starting a business, considering a re-brand or simply need some fresh marketing materials, let's find a coffee shop and book a time to chat!

Contact me to get started.